Website Redesign Services

Migrate to a modern website without downtime

Website redesign services backed by a team of 20 web developers, over 50 delivered websites and hallmark projects like e-commerce platform development for eBay.

For more than 8 years, we have been helping enterprises succeed in redesigning their large and complex websites. Thanks to our web development expertise, we enable clients to lessen the common and often disastrous risks of content migration. Our services cover the full cycle of website redesign to help you:

  • Create a new, modern and responsive design;
  • Attract mobile visitors to the website;
  • Improve content personalization to increase visitor engagement;
  • Create new functionality that would support your current business needs;
  • Gather multiple websites under one roof with the help of a single CMS;
  • Fix user interface bugs and low performance issues.

While performing website redesign, we not only replace old technologies with new ones, but also anticipate your future business growth and thus regular website updates.

Discuss, Select and Hire

This is a unique concept which we follow at Nagodas. At the time of accepting orders, we send you 30(this can be changed to the no. of designers in the company or as per the likeability of the client) samples, so that you can shortlist the top 3 , and then we give you a chance to discuss the entire project one on one and hire the best designer which you think can take you closest to the site which you have dreamt off. Once you hire them, that designer will assist you with all the designing needs until the time your project is on the board.